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Quest Integrity Group is focused on and takes pride in our clients’ satisfaction. As a result, we believe that our clients are some of the most important spokespersons for Quest Integrity.

Air Liquide
"Thank you for the recent LOTIS® inspection services at our plant. As the Quest Integrity inspection crew proceeded with the inspection at hand they kept me well informed of the on-going status of the inspection. We were very impressed with the LOTIS® technique and the final results."
- Don Balthrop, Plant Manager

BP, Australia
"We made our decision to conduct the FTIS™ test on short notice. The response we received from Quest Integrity was excellent! The overall operation was seamless!”
- John Maccarone, Plant Engineer

Chevron (USA)
"My experience working with the Quest Integrity team going over test results and receiving the inspection reports has been nothing but positive.”
- Allan Ziebler, Plant Inspection Engineer

Equilon Puget Sound Refining Company
"I was very satisfied with the time it took to perform the LOTIS® examination on our furnace. The team was very professional and knowledgeable. The Quest Integrity crew supervisor provided me with a Field Report in a timely manner before leaving site. We will use you again in the future."
- Pat Morgenthaler, Engineer

"Your Quest Integrity crew was very professional in their work and continued until all tubes were finished. Your senior technician kept me abreast of the work and hunted me down to provide ongoing updates. I appreciated his timely reports. Feel free to use me as a reference."
- Nikhil Trivedi, Site Engineer

"The quality of the work which Quest Integrity has performed on my behalf for ExxonMobil's global affiliates has been excellent. There have been many times when we found ourselves in need of fast, reliable stress analyses and Quest Integrity has always been able to deliver the results in a timely fashion. Your strong technical support has enabled us to better understand and manage a number of complex and important facility integrity concerns. You are true specialists in the field of fitness-for-service analysis and we will continue to rely on your expertise in this area."
- Craig Monahan, Senior Staff Engineer

Hong Kong & China Gas Company
"The Quest Integrity team did a very good gob and provided us with valuable information on creep life damage in our reformer tubes. We will see you again next year."
- Stephen Chan, Engineer

Methanex New Zealand
"We were extremely satisfied with the recent inspection of our reformer tubes. The LOTIS® inspection was quick which resulted in reduced inspection time than originally planned. The crew was self-sufficient, got on with the job and coordinated well with the other workers on a tight agenda. Thanks for your contributions."
- David Clare, Turnaround Manager

Union Carbide
"We were extremely satisfied with the Quest Integrity crew's performance during our recent boiler tube inspection. The LOTIS® data was very user friendly which made our job easier as decision makers. We will continue to use your services during our power plant outages."
- Rick Gomez, Maintenance Manager

"Prior to deciding to use LOTIS® recently at our plant, both IRIS and RFEC were also considered. We elected to hire the LOTIS® services because of the resolution and high degree of accuracy. The inspection data results were easy to understand which made our job easier as plant engineers. Thanks for working so close with us on this initial project."
- Bob Courtney, Corrosion Engineer

Verve Energy
"We are happy with the gas turbine condition and life assessment support that Quest Integrity provides to us. It is helping us to develop maintenance strategies that will enable us to maximize the value that we extract from our high cost hot gas path components"
 - Shane Reffold, Senior Asset Management Analyst

"When the Quest Integrity crew arrived on site they were exceptionally helpful, thorough and accommodating. The testing technique was explained in detail so that we understood the process. I was very happy with the response to my request for service. The service saved our company a large amount of money, as a prior inspection indicated bad sections in the material of our equipment. Your company will be the first contacted if we have additional problems in the future."    - Rennie Leach, Plant Engineer

Western Mining Company - Australia
"Your crew performed outstanding in a very trying environment. WMC found the LOTIS® test method to be invaluable on our Reformer and Exchanger tube inspections. The data allowed us to better understand our failure mechanisms and make necessary operational modifications. See you [at the] next catalyst change out."
- Craig Smith, Turnaround Manager

Westinghouse New Jersey Cogen Power Plant
"We found the LOTIS® information quite informative, which allowed our engineers to make immediate decisions for boiler modification and tube replacement. Please thank your team for their professionalism and hard work."
- Edmund Acheampong, Maintenance Engineer

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