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Pipeline Integrity Management Services (PIMS)

Quest Integrity understands the complexities and challenges involved in pipeline inspection projects. These factors can affect data quality and line coverage, as well as project time and cost efficiency. We provide turn-key pipeline services to manage all operational elements around an InVista™ in-line inspection project such as pipeline cleaning, pipeline pigging equipment, pumping, above ground markers, pig tracking, pipeline XYZ mapping, land surveying and pipeline feasibility studies. Our Pipeline Integrity Management Services (PIMS) can complement an operator’s existing project resources or direct the project work scope through application of our inspection feasibility assessment study services.

Pipeline Services Benefits:

  • We specialize in unpiggable or challenging pipeline assets and project complexity, providing dedicated expertise and technology
  • The breadth and depth of our integrity management solutions allow us to anticipate and respond to unexpected challenges, providing the highest quality inspections and assessment data
  • Single source accountability in turn-key applications to get the inspection done right, safely and efficiently, simplifying the inspection process and delivery

Pipeline Integrity Management Services:

Project Management:

  • In-line inspection projects
  • Turn-key integrity projects
  • Pipeline repair programs
  • Line re-commissioning
  • Dig prove-up programs

In-line Inspection Support:

  • Mechanical and chemical pipeline cleaning
  • Batching projects
  • Nitrogen purge projects
  • Pig tracking
  • AGM (above-ground marker) site selection and documentation
  • Anomaly survey and dig staking
  • Global positioning surveys (GPS)
  • Line location
  • Pumping
  • Line drying
  • Temporary flow management

Integrity Engineering and Integrity Management  Development Services:

  • Pipeline feasibility study
  • Program and scope development
  • Procedure and budget development
  • Reporting and recommendations

Land Surveying:

  • Pipeline centerline mapping
  • Global positioning surveys (GPS)
  • AGM (above ground marker) site selection and documentation
  • Line location
  • Right-of-Way discrepancy management
  • Anomaly survey and dig staking

Materials, Equipment, Selection and Supply:

  • Selection and supply of cleaning, batching and other related pipeline pigging equipment featuring pre-engineered, pipeline-specific cleaning Q-Paks for unpiggable pipelines
  • Supply or rental of pig launcher/receiver barrels, valves, spools, flow line supply and metering equipment
  • Supply of consumable pipeline-integrity related materials

Pipeline XYZ Mapping:

  • GPS coordinates for all reported pipeline features to within a 1.5 meter radius
  • Gives an accurate centerline of the pipeline
  • Survey points can be exported to mapping programs


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