Laser Scanning Services

Quest Integrity’s laser scanning services delivers integrated service solutions comprising equipment, software and workflows which apply 3D laser scanning and modeling technology to engineering, inspection, maintenance and compliance business processes.  We help facility owners and operators improve capital efficiency by reducing dimensional uncertainty while improving communication among project team members.

We have the flexibility to use our proprietary laser scanning technology or software from other vendors based on our clients’ existing framework. This "vendor neutral” approach ensures that data can be safely collected in a variety of real-world situations and delivered in an established or preferred format. By digitizing facilities using laser scanning, our clients have significantly reduced field time, field personnel and elevated work.

Quest Integrity offers laser scanning services across a wide spectrum of industries. Our markets include refineries, chemical processing plants, power generation facilities, offshore oil platforms, as well as architecture, engineering and construction.

Our services include:

  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • Drafting Services (2D & 3D Modeling)
  • Verification Services
    • Design Verification
    • Clash Detection
    • Fabrication Verification
  • Turnaround Solutions
  • Inspection Compliance and Asset Tagging

3D Laser Scanning

Quest Integrity uses state-of-the-art laser scanners to produce a 3D Digital Facility or point cloud. The scan data accurately reflects existing facility conditions such as deflection, settling, bent structures and other "real world” oddities.

We use registration methods that are reliable, repeatable and provide a level of accuracy and quality control not available in other methods. Once the captured data is registered, it becomes a seamless, integrated, coordinate database that digitally represents the physical facility.

When combined with defined work processes, the scan data reduces dimensional uncertainty in all aspects of the facility lifecycle from engineering design and fabrication to maintenance and compliance.

Drafting Services

By using the laser scan data, Quest Integrity is able to produce a full suite of highly accurate as-built drawings including but not limited to:

  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)
  • Inspection Isometrics
  • Construction Isometrics
  • Plot Plans
  • General Arrangement Plans
  • Structural Drawings
  • Vessel and Equipment Drawings
  • 3D BIM
  • Intelligent 3D Models
  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations

Verification Services

Design Verification

Traditional engineering workflows can be enhanced through the use of laser scan data in the design process. The design verification work process results in the elimination of design error due to human error, omissions and dimensional uncertainty while enabling interactive design reviews, owner oversight of the design process, and the removal of field fit-up welds from the base design. The scan data and design coordinate systems are aligned, the design documents are overlaid into the scan data and discrepancies are determined through the use of clashing algorithms and validation processes.

By identifying and resolving design issues, Quest Integrity helps clients minimize design time, eliminate design clashes and reduce field fit-up welds.

Clash Detection

Piping Clash Reports review 2D isometrics or 3D CAD piping designs with the scan data to identify clashes and suggest resolutions, such as alternate routings or by locating likely flow line routings. This helps to ensure the piping can be installed with minimal or no clashes.

Interposing design models with the scan data is an effective method to find issues quickly before fabrication.

Fabrication Verification

The creation of a clash free, error free design will still leave a project open to considerable risk unless the fabricated parts match the design intent. If newly fabricated components do not fit, ongoing work may be delayed and rework may be required. Using laser scanning, Quest Integrity can identify fabrication errors, allowing variations from design to be easily detected and visualized.

In a fabrication verification process, spool pieces are scanned in the fabrication or laydown yards. They are compared to the design intent to be sure that they will fit properly. Blunders and missing connections can be quickly found and efficiently addressed before the parts are shipped.

Quest Integrity can provide reports which verify individual spool pieces or entire lines. Flange center, bolt rotation, flange skew and critical design lengths can all be identified. Moreover, a full set of fabricated spools, valves, fittings and gaskets can be shown to mount together and fit within the assembly tolerances of the tie point coordinates.

This fabrication verification process is extremely valuable during refinery turnarounds, offshore platforms and is becoming commonly used in other onshore facilities as well. By verifying fabricated items match design, our clients have been able to reduce field fit-up welds and eliminate fabrication clashes saving time and money.

Turnaround Solutions

Turnaround projects run with tight schedules. They require that a large number of items all happen sequentially and according to plan. Using Quest Integrity’s turnaround process significantly reduces dimensional uncertainty in engineering and design and greatly reduces project risk for turnarounds.

If pipes are not fabricated according to design, rework may be required. If construction drawings are not correct, work may be delayed and an entire turnaround schedule could be compromised. These issues and others can be addressed through the use of laser scanning and our design and fabrication verification process.

By using the scan data, the construction drawings can be adjusted to fit the existing conditions and the isometric is updated or recreated. Verifying fabrication drawings against the scan data can locate errors before construction and ultimately help minimize the turnaround schedule and reduce costs associated with field rework.

Inspection Compliance and Asset Tagging

The utilization of laser scan data is an ideal solution to help organizations comply with complex regulatory and safety requirements. It provides a very powerful management tool to improve the efficiency of the maintenance and inspection functions. Laser scanning also provides an intuitive and easy-to-use system for placing and recovering inspection locations and other facility information.

For example, the scan data can serve as the basis for integrity-critical documentation in a corrosion inspection program. Inspection locations can be reliably linked back to the Corrosion Monitoring Locations (CMLs). Geospatial locations in the plant can be dynamically linked with the CML locations. Facility assets can be virtually tagged with important information and referenced in the desktop rendering of the facility.

Additional Information

For emergency laser scanning services, please call:

  • Gulf Coast: +1 713 574 2511
  • North America: +1 724 705 0556
  • International: +1 713 987 3213
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