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Laser Scanning Services

Quest Integrity’s laser scanning services deliver integrated service solutions comprising equipment, software and workflows which apply 3D laser scanning and modeling technology to engineering, inspection, maintenance and compliance business processes.  We help facility owners and operators improve capital efficiency by reducing dimensional uncertainty while improving communication among project team members.

We have the flexibility to use our proprietary laser scanning technology or software from other vendors based on our clients’ existing framework. This "vendor neutral” approach ensures that data can be safely collected in a variety of real-world situations and delivered in an established or preferred format. By digitizing facilities using laser scanning, our clients have significantly reduced field time, field personnel and elevated work.

Quest Integrity offers laser scanning services across a wide spectrum of industries. Our markets include refineries, chemical processing plants, power generation facilities, offshore oil platforms, as well as architecture, engineering and construction.

Our services include:

Laser Scanning Benefits

Minimize Risk

  • Reduce operational and safety risk by reducing field man hours
  • Reduce rework by improving design and quality control
  • Reduce field trips by having instant access to facility data

Maximize Results

  • Allows better informed decision making through access to all facility data
  • Improve design accuracy and efficiency
  • Improve communication between Owner, EPC and Fabricator
  • Transforms the way Facility Operators manage compliance, safety, inspection, engineering, operations and maintenance

Additional Information

For emergency laser scanning services, please call:

  • Gulf Coast: +1 713 574 2511
  • North America: +1 724 705 0556
  • International: +1 713 987 3213
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