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Failure Analysis

Quest Integrity’s team of experts is skilled at investigating the proximate cause of failure in static and rotating plant equipment. Our staff employ a multidisciplinary approach to examining the full spectrum failure causes including design issues, materials of construction and manufacture, lubrication and operational regimes.

For failures which have a safety or regulatory consequence, our engineers are skilled in conducting comprehensive root cause failure analysis.

In addition to developing detailed technical explanations and supporting evidence for failures that have occurred, Quest Integrity also applies its expertise in determining and eliminating defects in design and operational protocols, to prevent the occurrence of similar future failures. We also have extensive experience in providing expert testimony and support in mediation, arbitration and litigation environments. Specialized capabilities contributing to the quality of our services in this area include:

  • Forensic fracture mechanics and stress analysis
  • Fatigue failure reconstruction and analysis
  • Root cause failure investigations
  • Remaining life assessment of assets with detected cracks or other damage
  • Metallurgical assessments and materials testing of new, used and failed components and equipment
  • Failure-related materials research and testing

Following a failure analysis investigation we will make recommendations aimed at preventing further failures and can assist clients with implementing corrective procedures. Quest Integrity Group has specialized expertise in gas and steam turbine failure investigation which includes:

  • Aircraft engines and other aviation-related subjects (e.g., frame)
  • Land-based industrial turbines for power generation, compressor duty and pumping

Our specialized expertise for root cause failure analysis of rotating equipment includes:

  • Detailed condition assessment of components
  • Detailed metallurgical failure assessment to identify damage mechanisms
  • Local and general oxidation and hot corrosion rates
  • Extensive database of alloy material properties
  • Inspection and operation history, including data trending
  • High resolution electron microscopy and chemical analysis
  • High temperature mechanical testing in our laboratory including determination of remaining creep life of gas turbine blades
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