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Litigation Support

Quest Integrity is internationally recognized and experienced in several disciplines including the fields of structural integrity engineering, mechanical engineering, corrosion engineering, fracture mechanics, finite element analysis, root cause failure investigation, tribology, metallurgy and materials engineering.

Our expert staff and facilities are often engaged to provide or contribute to expert testimony in support of litigation or insured loss recovery. We are also called upon to provide independent expert advice to safety and accident investigations.

Our services in this area include:

  • Forensic engineering
    • Risk assessments (e.g. fault trees and event trees)
    • Computer modeling and simulation to include event reconstruction
    • Materials characterization and evaluation
    • Materials testing laboratory (e.g. destructive testing, reconstruction of failure scenarios, failure-related materials research)
    • Failure investigation
    • Root cause failure analysis
    • Design review
    • Fitness-for-purpose assessments
  • On-site inspection of a failure
  • Evaluation of equipment inspection and maintenance data and procedures
  • Interpretation of standards, protocols, procedures
  • Statistical analysis of historical condition assessment data
  • Development of visualizations of a reconstructed failure event; preparation of other explanatory or expository exhibits
  • Preparation of written testimony; participation as expert witnesses in judicial or administrative proceedings


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