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Storage Tank Integrity Assessment Solutions 

Thanks to the development of fitness-for-service standards, we now have the ability to leverage advanced techniques in tank integrity assessment. The application of fitness-for-service standards mean that common damage mechanisms such as corrosion, shell bulging, cracking and edge settlement no longer automatically require costly repairs. The fitness-for-services methods and advanced engineering analysis make the most of the standard data collected during required inspections and help define new requirements when additional inspections are necessary. 

Tank Integrity Assessment Capabilities

  • Hydro test exemptions for atmospheric storage tanks following shell and/or floor repairs per API 653
  • Analysis of excessive floor settlement of above-ground storage tanks
  • Fitness-for-service including remaining life predictions considering a wide range of damage mechanisms  
  • Fixed roof design validation 
  • Earthquake risk assessment
  • Corrosion damage assessment 
  • Leak-before-break assessment
  • Edge settlement analysis
  • Recommendations for maintenance and inspection
  • Tank calibration (tank strapping) tables provide accurate volume measurements for various fill heights  

Tank Integrity Benefits

  • Identification of critical areas reduces inspection scope, thereby increasing time efficiency and minimizing down time
  • Tank reliability assessment can help categorize existing critical flaw sizes as safe or requiring immediate action 
  • Remaining life estimates provide reliable guidance in tank integrity and help determine appropriate inspection plans 
  • Hydro test exemptions can save the cost of water, disposal and weeks of down time
  • Tank calibration (tank strapping) provides money saving product management solutions
  • Edge settlement analysis prevents costly repairs such as tank jacking and floor replacement  

Tank Reliability Applications

  • Tank farms
  • Refining and chemical
  • Syngas (e.g. ammonia production facilities)
  • Distribution facilities
  • Municipalities 
  • Pipeline storage terminals
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