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Structural Integrity Consulting

Quest Integrity has extensive experience in structural integrity and the creation of highly sophisticated models of structures and materials. Our unparalleled expertise in computational mechanics enables us to proficiently apply leading edge computer simulation technology to practical problems.

Key elements of our computational mechanics solution include:

Stress Analysis and Finite Element Analysis

Stresses and temperatures within a structural component can be determined with finite element analysis. Our experience includes finite element analysis on a wide range of structural components in a variety of industries.

3D Laser Scanning and Direct Fitness-for-Service Assessment

Our 3D laser scanning service produces 3D modelling of complex or damaged asset components. 3D models can be imported into either our Signalâ„¢ FFS software for efficient and rapid Level 2 corrosion assessments, or into our finite element analysis software for detailed analysis. This service enables fast and accurate reconstruction of components and associated damage mechanisms, which is particularly helpful where detailed drawings are not available. Laser scanning is a safe and non-destructive method which is easily deployed in the power, refining and oil and gas industries.

Fracture Mechanics Simulation

Fracture mechanics simulation is comprised of advanced, robust modeling of complex cracking problems. This approach removes many of the simplistic assumptions that are typical of standard fracture mechanics assessments.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational fluid dynamics deals with the numerical simulation of fluid flow and heat transfer.  Quest Integrity has applied this technology to model turbine blades, heat exchangers, boilers and other types of equipment which exhibit complex flow patterns.

Vibration Analysis

Our vibration analysis service enables early detection of mechanical fatigue, which left unaddressed, can cause operational inefficiencies and at worst, catastrophic failures. Vibration analysis can be used in the oil and gas, refining and chemical, syngas and power industries to accurately monitor asset health and allow repairs or replacements to be made during planned shutdowns or outages. Vibration analysis services include:

  • Advanced vibration analysis and spectrum assessment for troubleshooting and failure investigation
  • Flow induced vibration and acoustic induced vibration in pipework, from initial design screening to latest industry and process standard to use of finite element analysis
  • Mechanical resonance, structural vibration and hydraulic vibrations during commissioning and during operation and overall vibration levels to the latest relevant industry standard
  • Independent vibration and sound power level measurements, including condition monitoring systems, using a joint initiative with a third party, Savery & Associates Pty Ltd.
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