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Ethylene Pyrolysis Tube Inspection System

Carburization of ethylene pyrolysis tubes causes issues such as loss of weldability, corrosion resistance and ductility which can result in micro-cracking. Quest Integrity's Ethylene Pyrolysis Tube Inspection System enables comprehensive inspection of carburization damage in ethylene pyrolysis tubes. The system utilizes advanced eddy current technology to measure diameter increase and magnetic permeability increase due to carburization. It is the only tool which allows inspection along the entire length of tubes without scaffolding.

The Ethylene Pyrolysis Tube Inspection System provides operators with accurate information to assist in predicting tube remaining life, scheduling timely tube replacement and avoiding onstream tube failures.

Features and Capabilities

  • Eliminates the need for staging, by instead using an automated crawler-deployed inspection and data logging system
  • Provides highly accurate and repeatable results
  • Provides increased confidence in ethylene tube inspection results through combined NDT methodologies
  • Maximizes efficiency and accuracy with eddy current technology


  • Minimizes risk of unplanned shutdown due to premature tube failure
  • Reduces turnaround time required for furnace tube inspection
  • Enables comprehensive coverage
  • Allows plant engineers to optimize furnace scheduling, with the possibility of extending life beyond planned replacement, resulting in cost savings
  • Provides essential support to operational excellence as it relates to best practice operation and maintenance cost management
  • Facilitates monitoring of ethylene tube life over entire life cycle


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