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Furnace Tube Inspection System – FTIS™

Inspection of serpentine or arbor coils in process fired heaters is difficult using conventional NDT methods. Quest Integrity offers a comprehensive solution with its furnace tube inspection system, or FTIS, and advanced engineering assessment capabilities. FTIS is an intelligent pig that quickly and accurately inspects the convection and radiant coil sections of fired heaters per API Recommended Practice 573. It is an ultrasonic inspection technology that is launched following the mechanical cleaning, or decoking of the furnace coil’s interior surface.

FTIS detects and measures existing damage mechanisms such as internal or external corrosion, erosion and pitting, along with deformation such as bulging, swelling and ovality in serpentine or arbor coils. These damage mechanisms are quickly identified and quantified in an inspection report and an onsite preliminary assessment is typically delivered within 24 hours of the inspection. Based on the inspection results, an advanced engineering assessment using the company’s proprietary software, LifeQuest™ Heater, calculates the remaining life and fitness-for-service of the fired heater tubes in accordance to the API 579 / ASME FFS-1 standards. Accurate corrosion rate information helps decrease the risk of failure and helps operators improve extended run times, which translates to increased fired heater efficiency and reliability.

Ultrasonic Inspection Technology Features

  • Provides 100% inspection coverage utilizing 48-366 transducers
  • Inspects heater coils of any length including convection coil inspection and radiant coil inspection
  • Negotiates unlimited short radius 1D 180° return bends
  • Travels and inspects bi-directionally
  • New: Negotiates coils containing plug headers (mule ears)
  • Provides exceptionally high quality data
  • Captures and reports axial location and circumferential orientation of flaws detected
  • Identifies and quantifies various failure mechanisms through convection coil inspection and radiant coil inspection
  • Inspects pipe or tube diameters of 3 to 24 inches (76-609mm) NPS

Intelligent Pigging of Refinery and Chemical Plant Fired Heater Benefits

  • Improves heater reliability and decreases failure risk
  • Improves maintenance accuracy through remaining life assessment
  • Eliminates the need for most conventional NDT methods
  • Minimizes offline status with time efficient inspections
  • Field reports typically generated within 24 hours of inspection completion

Furnace Tube Inspection System Applications

  • Process or fired heaters
  • Steam generators
  • HRSG boilers
  • Salt bath heaters
  • Dew point heaters
  • Various coil configurations (serpentine, arbor, etc.)
  • Multiple fired heater tube diameters throughout coil length
  • Fired heater coils containing plug headers (mule ears) 
  • Fired heater coils connected via common headers, using a delivery system
    • Watch how it works in this animation:

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