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Foreign Object Search and Retrieval (FOSAR) using RDVI™

Quest Integrity’s RDVI team also expertly performs foreign object search and retrieval (FOSAR).Often the result of a failed foreign materials exclusion (FME) boundary, foreign object debris (FOD) endanger plant efficiency, operability and safety by disturbing water chemistry and posing a significant threat to rotating machinery. Quest Integrity’s team of skilled FOSAR technicians is equipped with robotic cameras and extraction tools to perform remote FOD retrieval. This service is essential to unit closeout exams and turbine cleanout activities or any FME programs/processes.

Dye Penetrant Can Retrieval

Flashlight Retrieval

Grinder Retrieval

Hardware Retrieval

Hardware Retrieval

Level Retrieval

Steel Rule Retrieval from Heat Exchanger

Tape Measure Retrieval
Vacuuming Debris from a Critical Asset

Wrench Retrieval


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