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Inspection of Boilers, Furnaces and HRSGs using RDVIā„¢

Remote visual inspection enables cost effective location and detection of scale formation, corrosion fatigue cracking, ligament cracking, and an array of other damage mechanisms caused by cyclic loading, changes to water chemistry, ineffective startup/shutdown and layup procedures. Common components inspected include: tubes, headers, downcomers, drums, desuperheaters, attemporators, dry box, coal piping, fuel nozzles, stacks and all associated welds. Additionally related components such as fans, air heaters, deaerators, feedwater and main steam piping can also be inspected remotely using advanced RDVI equipment.


Boiler Attemporator

Boiler Coal Line


Boiler Header Damaged Vertical Baffle Wall

Boiler Header

Boiler Spray Liner


Boiler Tube Bulge


 Boiler Tube Fatigue Cracking


Boiler Tube Scale


Boiler Tube Welds

HRSG Header Tube Studs






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