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Inspection of Gas Turbines using RDVI™

Quest Integrity’s trained, experienced and impartial gas turbine inspection technicians are equipped with advanced videoprobes, inspection software, detailed procedure and remote foreign object debris (FOD) retrieval tools for the careful inspection of land and marine based gas turbines. Inspections typically include compressor, combustion and turbine sections of the unit but may be altered for specific interest or to accommodate an OEM suggestion or mandate. RDVI will locate and identify: nicks, dents, cracks, casing rubs, blade tip rubs, bent edges, missing blades, missing pieces of blades, leading & trailing edge erosion, deposits, oxidation, corrosion, stator shim migration, stator rocking and rotor clocking. Our RDVI team is also experienced in remote visual examination of the orifice, nozzle, or venturi meter as required by the Code of Federal Regulations 40 CFR 75 Appendix D.


 Gas Turbine 1st Stage Bucket Leading Edge

Gas Turbine 1st Stage Nozzles Trailing Edge

Gas Turbine Combustion Can Cracking

Gas Turbine Fuel Nozzle


Gas Turbine Honeycomb Seal Damage



Gas Turbine Nozzle Cooling Holes





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