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Inspection of Heat Exchangers and Condensers using RDVIā„¢

Heat exchanger integrity and efficiency can be impacted by a variety of plant anomalies. Quest Integrity provides detailed remote visual inspections of condensers, feedwater heaters and a variety of auxiliary heat exchangers to locate and identify unit discontinuities. Common applications include: condenser cleanouts (FME, FOD, FOSAR), supplementing eddy-current exams and general purpose shell and tube side inspections. Specific areas of interest include: tube failures and blockage, impingement plate and baffle welds, inlet and outlet plenums, tube sheet integrity and plug migration.


Feedwater Tube Rupture


Another View of the Feedwater Tube Rupture


Feedwater Heater Tube


Feedwater Heater Tubesheet

Another View of the Feedwater Heater Tubesheet


Debris in a Finfan Header Box


Finfan Header Box


Feedwater Heater Tube


 Heat Exchange Shell Side


Heat Exchanger Tubesheet

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