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Specialty Ultrasonics

Quest Integrity's specialist NDT group provides advanced ultrasonic inspection services for the power, petrochemical and mineral refining industries. The group combines innovative ultrasonic techniques, the latest equipment and experience in testing a wide range of critical and high value components to deliver engineering solutions to clients requiring in-service inspection.

Specialty Ultrasonics Features

  • A wide variety of ultrasonic techniques including fully automated and distance encoded:

- Phased array methods (annular and linear)
- Time of flight diffraction
- Through transmission
- Pitch and catch

  • Manual ultrasonics
  • Operators with experience in engineering and inspection within a wide range of applications and industries requiring condition assessment


Integration of engineering personnel into the specialist inspection team allows fast and efficient design of inspection methods relevant to the defects that may impact on serviceability. This experience also improves the quality of data analysis. Integration of NDT methods with structural integrity consulting provides fitness-for-service evaluations that allow clients to quickly determine if the component can continue in service or if repair is required. Quest Integrity can also provide technical advisory reports on overall NDT programs and provide recommendations for future inspections and time frames.


Quest Integrity provides advanced inspection and assessment for:

  • Turbines (bores, shrunk-on discs, solid rotors, blade attachments)
  • Generator retaining rings
  • Pressure vessels, reactors, exchangers
  • Hydrogen plant
  • High energy piping
  • Water wall boiler tube (hydrogen damage inspection)
  • Steam boiler tube (creep remnant life assessment)
  • Hydro station components
  • Thickwall reactors and other pressure equipment
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