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Fracture Mechanics Textbook

Dr. Ted Anderson, the author the fracture mechanics textbook described below, has played a pivotal role in Quest Integrity's Advanced Engineering division. Dr. Anderson is world-renowned as an expert in fracture mechanics and Fitness-for-Service methods, applying this expertise, advancing the understanding of and developing solutions for some of our client’s most complex integrity management challenges. For those looking to increase their knowledge in this field, the text is available for purchase through Quest Integrity.

Fracture Mechanics: Fundamentals and Applications, Fourth Edition

Author – Ted L. Anderson
ISBN-10: 0-8793-1656-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-8793-1656-2

$99.95 plus shipping and handling


  • Complete coverage of fracture mechanics from all angles
  • Most comprehensive guide available
  • Adopted by more than 100 universities
  • Used by thousands of professional engineers worldwide
  • Encompasses theory and applications, linear and nonlinear fracture mechanics, solid mechanics and materials science with a unified, balanced and in-depth approach

Fracture Mechanics Textbook Contents

  • Advances made during previous decades
  • New chapter on environmental cracking
  • Expanded coverage of weight functions
  • New material on toughness test methods
  • New practice problems
  • New material on the failure assessment diagram method
  • Expanded and updated coverage of crack closure and variable-amplitude fatigue
  • Detailed mathematical derivations
  • Recent developments in laboratory testing
  • Coverage of micromechanics of fracture


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