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LifeQuest™- Remaining Life Assessment software

Quest Integrity’s LifeQuest software suite anchors a four-step model – consisting of Inspection, Data Analysis, Advanced Engineering and Remaining Life Assessment – that helps our clients manage the lifecycle value of critical assets. This proprietary software suite employs advanced engineering assessment tools and analytics, industry FFS standards and presentation capabilities designed to help our clients better understand and optimize the balance between resource availability and reliability.

Making effective risk-based decisions in the context of these two profit parameters is a complex exercise dependent upon many variables. Quest Integrity understands this challenge and has invested to produce a solution in the LifeQuest suite that generates a comprehensive, composite view, and thereby, actionable information for the client.


The LifeQuest platform currently covers fired heater tubes, pipelines and process piping, reformer tubes and high energy piping. 

Additional Information

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