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Signal Fitness-for-Service Software

Signal™ Fitness-For-Service (FFS) is a user-friendly, intuitive software tool developed by experts for performing fitness-for-purpose and fracture mechanics analysis on fixed and rotating equipment. It gives engineers the ability to reduce operational and safety risks associated with equipment through its comprehensive adherence to industry standards.

The API 579 software is backed by our expertise, knowledge and technology in mechanical integrity management. Dr. Ted Anderson, who has led the development of Signal FFS software, is an internationally recognized expert in structural integrity and fitness-for-service, and is one of the principal authors of the 2007 edition of the API 579-1/ASME-FFS standard, and author of a best-selling fracture mechanics textbook.

 Signal™ FFS Version 5.1 Available Now! Click here to download the newest version.

Fitness-For-Service Software Features

  • Implements comprehensive adherence to Fitness-for-Service standards API 579/ASME-FFS and performs crack assessments in accordance with British Standards BS 7910 procedure 
  • Enables rapid Level 1 and 2 Fitness-for-Service assessments across a broad array of piping, pressure vessels and tanks 
  • Includes advanced fracture assessment capabilities as well as parametric and Monte Carlo fracture analysis that can be used in support of Level 3 assessments 
  • Guides users through complex calculations with an intuitive wizard interface and Integrated Help function 
  • Provides quantitative support to make decisions whether to run as-is, repair or replace equipment 

API 579 Fitness-for-Service Software Benefits

  • Development and support by industry experts increases user confidence
  • Easy-to-use API 579 software enables a short learning curve 
  • Reduces operational and safety risk with quick Level 1, 2, and 3 Fitness-for-Service assessments
  • Improves profitability by improving plant reliability and avoiding costly unplanned downtime
  • Optimizes equipment yields based on remaining life estimates using aggressive operating conditions

Fitness for Service Capabilities

Signal FFS meets your analysis requirements to help mitigate safety risks by performing rapid fit-for-service software assessments and adherence to industry standards.  In addition, a Quick Start Package is offered. This package includes training, direct access to Quest Integrity engineers and additional example problems to aid in fracture analysis.



Additional Information

Request a free 30 day demo of our Signal FFS software or attend a live webcast.

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