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Company Dedicated to Improving Asset Integrity and Reliability 

Built upon a foundation of leading edge science and technology, Quest Integrity Group and its predecessor companies have innovated and shaped industries for more than 40 years. "We are focused on empowering our clients’ operating and maintenance decisions through our provision of highly accurate, technology-enabled inspection and assessment solutions,” said Jeff Ott, Quest Integrity Group president.

Through its corporate headquarters in Seattle and other U.S. offices in Denver and Houston and its international field offices located in Abu Dhabi; Brisbane, Australia; Calgary, Alberta; Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and Wellington, New Zealand, the company serves clients on a global scale.

The people

Each member of the Quest Integrity Group team possesses unique attributes and talents. Many worked previously for major refiners and understand firsthand the challenges and needs experienced on a daily basis by refinery and plant personnel. Areas of specialty include fracture mechanics, structural integrity, materials engineering, computational fluid dynamics, corrosion, metallurgy, software development, mechanical engineering and specialty NDT.  The team consistently strives for excellence, a principle ingrained in the corporate culture that embraces innovation and empowerment at all levels within the organization while maintaining a consistent and vigilant customer focus.

New brand

The company recently combined its subsidiaries formerly known as Quest TruTec and Quest Reliability under the unified brand and holding company Quest Integrity Group. The single brand represents what the company is about at its core: an innovative
set of solutions dedicated to improving asset integrity and reliability.

Solutions portfolio

Quest Integrity Group has positioned itself to lead integrity management by providing the most advanced technology and comprehensive package of specialty NDT and engineering assessment services available in the global refining and chemical, pipeline, syngas and power industries. Its arsenal of solutions includes proprietary inspection technologies
such as FTIS™ for fired heater coils, InVista™ for traditionally unpiggable pipelines and LOTIS® for steam reformer tubes. These technologies are complemented by assessment solutions utilizing proprietary software such as LifeQuest™ remaining life and Signal™ Fitness-for-Service for advanced assessment of dents, gouges and crack-like flaws. A multidisciplined team of engineering talent also provides failure assessment and root cause analysis as well as materials engineering and lab support.

"We have a long history in addressing specialty NDT and engineering assessment challenges in a variety of industries. As a general rule, these challenges arise because these industries routinely operate under very severe conditions with severe implications upon equipment failure. The company’s evolution – including innovations in software-enabled rapid data processing and presentation, tool miniaturization and field-level ruggedness and flexibility – reflects a customer-driven response to these unique challenges,” said Ott.
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