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Dual Diameter In-line Inspections for Pipelines

As seen in the November Issue of the PPSA Newsletter

Recent high profile pipeline failures have focused increased regulatory scrutiny on the integrity assessment and management of aging pipeline assets throughout the world.  Many older pipelines, including those in heavily populated areas, have geometries such as small radius bends and diameter changes which have traditionally classified them as unpiggable.  The InVista™ tool from Quest Integrity Group inspects such pipelines and provides 100% overlapping data coverage of lines that were not able to be navigated by other pigs.

With a large collapse factor, the ability to navigate 1D bends, and configurations that are easily customizable to the specifics of an individual pipeline, the InVista™ tool has shown its value in recent inspections.  Inspections of both 6”/8” and 8”/10” dual diameter pipelines have demonstrated that the tool is not just able to navigate, but also to gather a full dataset in pipelines with multiple diameters.  By collecting the complete set of data in a single run, the tool decreases the operational costs associated with an in-line inspection.  In addition, the high fidelity ultrasonic dataset generated by InVista can be rapidly assessed using the company’s LifeQuest™ Pipeline software so that a full Level 2 Fitness-for-Service assessment is delivered as part of the final inspection report.

With tools able to inspect a range of dual diameter pipelines from 3”/4” (76mm/101mm) to 12”/14” (304mm/355mm), and by integrating an inspection technology that navigates challenging pipelines with the engineering capability to perform a complete assessment, Quest Integrity Group helps pipeline owners and operators increase their confidence about the integrity of their assets.

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