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LifeQuestâ„¢ Pipeline Version 3.1 Release

LifeQuest Pipeline version 3.1 was released on June 16, 2014 and includes many performance and usability updates. The most notable updates include a redesigned Dig Sheet and significantly improved Feature Spreadsheet.  Performance was also improved dramatically throughout the application with the introduction of a new data storage mechanism.

The new Dig sheets have been completely redesigned and provide more information to assist in locating the feature of interest, including detailed orientation, position and sizing of the feature within the joint.  Relative locations to key markers upstream and downstream of the feature of interest are dynamically displayed.  Dig sheets can also now be generated in seconds and automatically exported to numerous file formats, including PDF files.

Updated Dig Sheet

The Feature Spreadsheet uses a new grid to display data that includes powerful filtering and sorting functionality.  Multiple templates can be used and the default feature spread sheet displayed within LifeQuest will match the Excel spreadsheet that is delivered to the project specifications.

Feature Spreadsheet

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