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Quest Integrity Group Now Offering Larger Tool Sizes

By: Lilly Darnell, Marketing Specialist at Quest Integrity Group

As seen in the June 2012 PPSA Newsletter

Quest Integrity Group continues to innovate by introducing larger InVista™ tool sizes to meet industry demand for in-line inspection of unpiggable pipelines.  The 16-inch tool is available now for ultrasonic in-line inspection projects and has completed a series of successful surveys in North America.  This unique industry leading single module tool is followed by a 20-inch and a 24-inch tool that will be available for projects scheduled in Summer 2012.

The technology is a light weight tool that can be hand-carried, lifted and loaded.  It performs in low flow/low pressure environments and can navigate 1.0D bends, including back-to-back and mitre bends.  Along with this unique navigational capacity, the large diameter InVista tools boast longer battery life and faster on-board computing for greater axial flaw resolution and increased inspection velocity. The technology is ideal for space-constrained environments such as terminals, refineries and offshore environments and delivers a high-resolution data set for a detailed direct-measurement inspection with operational simplicity.

Like all of our intelligent pigging tools, the 16-inch tool uses ultrasonic technology to detect metal loss and deformations, is bi-directional and has dual-diameter capabilities.  In addition to corrosion and dents, an InVista survey can also identify anomalies such as laminations and verify nominal pipe wall thickness.    The survey comes with a complete engineering fitness-for-service assessment integrated with the standard pipeline feature table.

Wall thickness data from 16-inch test pipe

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