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Remote Digital Video Inspection ”" RDVI™

By: Lilly Darnell, Marketing Manager, Quest Integrity Group

As seen in the January 2013 issue of The Australian Oil & Gas Review.

Remote Digital Video Inspection ”" RDVI™ is the newest advanced inspection service offering from Quest Integrity Group.  RDVI employs the use of enhanced visual inspection techniques and equipment to evaluate the condition of process equipment and associated systems without confined space entry (CSE) or extensive dismantling of equipment.  This process utilizes highly skilled and experienced remote digital video inspectors, deploying the latest technology and customized tooling to allow visual access to areas within your plant which you cannot or do not want to place personnel. RDVI includes the use of digital video scopes, remote operated vehicles, PTZ and push cameras.  All inspections are supported with clear and concise in-field reports and an immediate reporting of findings, which help clients address any urgent remedial requirements.  Foreign objects identified during the inspection can also be retrieved from the systems and components.

Plants are increasingly being designed to accommodate remote digital video inspections.  Quest Integrity’s RDVI service team provides input to the front-end engineering plant design team, which compliments risk-based inspection and aligns with statutory inspection requirements.  RDVI then forms part of a suite of inspection strategies designed to support and optimize the clients’ pressure equipment integrity management policy.

For more information about Quest Integrity Group’s RDVI services, visit the webpage.

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