Asset Integrity 4.0

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The Concept of Industry 4.0

History is marked by advances in industrial processes and capabilities. The first industrial revolution brought us the steam engine. The second introduced widespread electrification and telecommunications. The third gave us the very early beginnings of the internet and established the use of automation in manufacturing.

The period of time we find ourselves in now is referred to as “the fourth industrial revolution,” but often goes by another name that offers a subtle nod to its technology focus: “Industry 4.0.” In this era, technology is a major factor in almost all industrial processes thanks to increased miniaturization of systems, rapid progress in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence, and more substantial broadband availability.

What is Asset Integrity 4.0?

Many companies in the energy sector still adhere to practices established in the third industrial revolution. These include the use of simple automations, semi-digitized tools and assets with limited or no connectivity. Companies relying on technology from this time face huge challenges as the world becomes smarter and more connected, and as competitors leap to newer innovations in order to gain an edge.

Asset Integrity 4.0 is an upgrade to a more modern approach — one that taps into today’s technology in order to provide safer, more efficient and more performant asset integrity solutions. It bridges the gaps between digital tools, physical assets and technical resources, providing new levels of insight and optimization.

With Asset Integrity 4.0, the miniaturization of technology enables increased navigability and access to previously uninspectable assets. More advanced hardware, meanwhile, opens the door to greater imaging resolution which enhances the detection, characterization and sizing of deficiencies.

Through proactive and predictive maintenance, and with leaps in business intelligence, we’re able to help companies extend asset lifecycles, improve decision-making and better manage risk. Asset Integrity 4.0 also incorporates ESG as a key strategy to drive growth, improve sustainability and ensure compliance from start to finish.

Challenging Convention

For decades, Quest Integrity has led the way in the adoption of new technologies and methods, and the creation of groundbreaking software applications, tools and processes. With Asset Integrity 4.0, we’re establishing the new norm — where the latest technological innovations combine with unsurpassed expertise to enable asset reliability, efficiency, durability, and sustainability on an even greater level.

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