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Quality Management

Quest Integrity Quality Policy Statement


Quest Integrity is committed to meeting customer, statutory and regulatory requirements in the development and delivery of innovative integrity and reliability management solutions. We strive to continuously improve our Quality Management System to ensure these requirements are met, as well as explore every opportunity to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our commitment to quality allows us to provide team members with comprehensive training and resources to ensure they are well equipped to meet customer needs, providing focused, unparalleled customer value. Founded upon innovation to improve inspection and assessment quality, Quest Integrity continues to research and develop asset integrity and reliability solutions that can be delivered with reliability, safety and efficiency.


Quality Management System

The foundation of our Quality Management System (QMS) is the basic culture and values of our company as described below:

  • Quality Management Values
    • Quality Always –  Our First Core Value
    • Clearly Defined Quality Objectives & Policies
    • Continuous Improvement & Risk-Based Thinking   
    • Quality Focused Work Culture
    • Quality Input from our Clients, Suppliers and Third Parties
  • Certifications Quest Integrity continually evaluates work processes and procedures with a goal of providing the highest level of products and services available. These evaluations are conducted both internally and externally with participation from our clients, partners, third-party auditors, and staff.  We maintain certifications to the latest quality standards in the industry, including:

    • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification – Corporate Office Kent WA
    • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification – Quest Integrity Australia, Gold Coast
    • TUV UT Tool Certification – InVista™ and FTIS™ Quest Inspection Systems
    • ATEX Certification Validates FTIS™ and InVista™ for Conformity to the European Commission
  • Quality Survey

    Take Our Survey
    The objective of the quality survey is to learn and understand the opinions of our clients regarding the products and services we provide.  Survey results provide data for the Quality Management System, and facilitates continuous improvement, advances communication, and provides an overall view of our clients’ perspective.

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We continually collaborate with our clients, partners, the public sector and non-profit organizations to develop and promote advanced, effective methods to protect people and the environment worldwide.

We maintain active certifications and/or relationships with the following organizations:


Please note ISO 9001 Certification Number 46969 is only applicable to the Quest Integrity office in Kent, WA.


Solutions Related to Quality Management

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Ultrasonic inspection technology (FTIS™) and advanced engineering assessment capabilities for fired heater tubes

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Ultrasonic in-line inspection technology (InVista™) and advanced engineering assessment for unpiggable and difficult-to-inspect pipelines

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Our mission is to embrace and uphold the highest standards of Health, Safety & Environmental (HS&E) practices while providing our clients innovative asset integrity and reliability management solutions

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