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Mechanical Decoking Companies

Quest Integrity has prequalified several mechanical decoking companies around the world to push our FTIS™ and InVista™ inspection tools through fired heater coils, process piping and pipelines.

Turbinate, A Quest Integrity company

Turbinate International is based in The Netherlands and offers mechanical cleaning/pigging of fired heater coils and pipelines. Turbinate specializes in high quality cleaning and support services to facilitate the pigging of challenging fired heaters coils. https://www.turbinate.com/

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AJAKS offers decoking of fired heaters and cleaning of long technological pipelines utilizing its pigging technology. https://www.Ajaks.eu/

Contract Resources

Contract Resources has developed an integrated range of specialized cleaning services to address specific cleaning challenges, and clean surfaces or areas which were impossible to clean with traditional methods. https://www.contractresources.com/

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Decoking Descaling Technologies (DDT)

The DDT Pigging System - an advanced system for decoking fired heaters - is a fully proven and extremely effective process that removes even the hardest coke and scale from heater tubes. https://www.Decoking.com/

Hydro Kleen Group S.A.

HKS is the Latin American leader in decoking of fired heaters coils and pipelines, offering highly experienced technicians, reliable equipment and final inspection services. https://www.hydrokleengroup.com

Mun Siong Engineering

Mun Siong Engineering is an integrated mechanical engineering, electrical and instrumentation service provider for the process industry. https://www.mun-siong.com/

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Nippon Pipeline Service

Nippon Pipeline Service is a pioneer of pipeline pigging work, with over half a century of experience. Since its foundation, NPS has actively promoted the expanded use of poly pigs by various industries in Japan. https://www.pigging.jp/english/general/

PEK Technical

PEK Technical Co., Ltd. is based in Tokyo, Japan and offers mechanical decoking of fired heater coils and cleaning of pipelines. The company has supplied specialty cleaning services for several decades, utilizing proprietary technology and expertise. https://www.pektech.co.jp/


CEDA International Corporation (CEDA) has evolved into one of the safest and most diverse providers of industrial services in North America. The company delivers more than 130 services to help clients manage refineries, power plants, petrochemical plants, upgraders, oil sands facilities, pulp and paper plants, mines, pipelines and other industrial facilities. These services help our clients to maintain and operate their facilities, mitigate risk, maximize production and avoid costly outages. https://www.ceda.com/

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