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In-Line Inspection of Challenging Pipelines Validated with Flow Loop Simulations 

October 28, 2014 (SEATTLE) ”" Quest Integrity Group, a global leader in the development and delivery of advanced inspection and engineering assessment services, announces flow loop simulation capabilities, including client-specific pipeline configurations, to validate its InVista™ ultrasonic in-line inspection (ILI) technology in demanding environments.

Quest Integrity conducts flow test loop demonstrations in various locations worldwide and can custom build flow loops for clients to include their real-world ILI challenges such as heavy wall piping, dual-diameters, reduced port valves, 1D bends, risers, unbarred tees and wyes. By simulating multiple ILI obstacles in a test environment, the company effectively demonstrates the navigational proficiency of the InVista tool, and pipeline operators gain first-hand knowledge of the tool’s capabilities for their pipelines.

The company recently constructed a 6-inch custom flow loop for a large, international oil and gas client in Houston, Texas. The client needs integrity management data for a high-profile, heavy wall sour gas pipeline asset in the United States, but wanted to avoid failed run or stuck tool situations. Quest Integrity’s flow loop simulations included running the tool at varying speeds and bi-directionally to validate data collection and operational capabilities. InVista successfully overcame the operational trials presented and collected accurate data for both known and unknown defects in the line.

"As an added value to our clients, we build flow test loops to their specifications to simulate an in-service challenging ILI run in a test environment,” said Stefan Papenfuss, Vice President - Pipeline Resources, at Quest Integrity. "This provides our clients with procedural information and project confidence while demonstrating the many benefits of the InVista technology for their critical pipeline assets ”" without the potential risks associated with testing an in-service pipeline.”

Quest Integrity Group, a Team Industrial Services company (NYSE: TISI), is a global leader in the development and delivery of asset integrity and reliability management services and solutions for its clients. Solutions consist of technology-enabled, advanced inspection and engineering assessment services and products that help companies in the refining and chemical, pipeline, syngas and power industries reduce operational and safety risks, improve operational planning and increase profitability. Quest Integrity Group is headquartered in Seattle with offices in Houston, Denver, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Germany and The Netherlands.

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