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New Software Helps Operators Manage Pressure Cycle Fatigue Analysis in Aging Pipelines

SEATTLE, March 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --Quest Integrity Group, a global leader in the development and delivery of advanced inspection and engineering assessment services and software products, announces Pacifica™, a new software solution to perform pressure cycle fatigue analysis on seam crack flaws in pipelines.

In aging pipelines, failures can occur after long run times due to an accumulation of pressure cycles. Since the safety and environmental consequences of a pipeline failure are so significant, Quest Integrity Group developed Pacifica to help operators manage the cyclic fatigue on their pipelines. Based on the American Petroleum Institute's advanced Fracture Mechanics methodology, this software solution helps operators meet regulatory expectations, observe best practices, and effectively manage the risk of failure due to pressure cycle fatigue. In addition, this solution increases the information yield from operators' existing investments in SCADA systems and on-line monitoring sensors.

Fatigue growth analysis is performed using actual pressure data for real-time monitoring, while hydraulic modeling determines true pressure loading at crack locations throughout the pipeline for accurate growth predictions. Pacifica also uses a database structure to store pressure data for future analysis. With the support of Quest Integrity engineers, the analysis data guides prioritization of anomaly investigations, hydrotest and in-line inspection schedules, material property testing requirements and evaluation of the impact of operations on seam weld integrity.

"Pacifica adds to Quest Integrity's advanced analytics solution set focusing on pipeline integrity management. Pipeline operators can accurately model crack fatigue growth in pipelines, set re-inspection schedules, prioritize anomaly investigations and enhance their overall program," said Ian Smith, Product Manager - Pacifica at Quest Integrity Group.

Quest Integrity Group, a Team Industrial Services company (NYSE: TISI), is a global leader in the development and delivery of asset integrity and reliability management services and solutions for its clients. Solutions consist of technology-enabled, advanced inspection and engineering assessment services and products that help companies in the refining and chemical, pipeline, syngas and power industries reduce operational and safety risks, improve operational planning and increase profitability. Quest Integrity Group is headquartered in Seattle with offices in Houston, Denver, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Germany and The Netherlands.

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