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January 2015
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Quest Integrity Group is a global leader in the development and delivery of asset integrity management and asset reliability solutions in the refining and chemical, pipeline, syngas and power industries.

Happy New Year!

We look forward to continuing our mission as we move into the new year - empowering you to safely, confidently and optimally manage your industrial infrastructure by continually innovating and delivering the highest quality integrity and reliability management solutions for your critical assets. We wish you a safe and prosperous 2015.

Published Article: How to Assess Pipeline Anomalies and Effectively Prioritize Pipeline-Integrity Digs

The Pipeline Integrity department of an offshore offloading facility contracted Quest Integrity to complete an ultrasonic in-line inspection of a 4 inch pipeline. By employing advanced engineering technology to perform remaining life assessments on the dents and ovalities that did not meet common depth-based acceptance criteria, Quest Integrity was able to effectively reduce the client's digs from 16 to three, saving them time and money.

Published Article: Effective Integrity Management Programs for Steam Reformers

An effective integrity management program for steam reformers that focuses on tube integrity encompasses these essential parts: inspection, data analysis, and remaining life assessment.

Technical Paper: Risk Analysis for High Temperature Hydrogen Attack

This paper reviews the findings of the Tesoro Anacortes incident report and describes the impact that adoption of the U.S.Chemical Safety Board recommendations will have on the requirements for inspection to ensure integrity of carbon steel equipment in hydrogen service and the syngas industry.

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