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November 2014
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Quest Integrity Group is a global leader in the development and delivery of asset integrity management and asset reliability solutions in the refining and chemical, pipeline, syngas and power industries.

Press Release: In-Line Inspection of Challenging Pipelines Validated with Flow Loop Simulations

Quest Integrity announces flow loop simulation capabilities, including client-specific pipeline configurations, to validate its InVista™ ultrasonic in-line inspection (ILI) technology in demanding environments.

Published Article: Achieving a Comprehensive Fired Heater Health Monitoring Program

IR thermometry is an excellent diagnostic tool for detecting tube hot spots from internal fouling or non-uniform heat distribution in fired heaters, but to ensure the full capability of IR thermometry, operators should employ the right instruments for the job and implement a proven methodology to measure accurate temperatures in a repeatable process.

Training Course: Pipeline Defect Assessment Calculations Workshop

This course, led by Dr. Ted Anderson of Quest Integrity, is a follow-on to the Defect Assessment in Pipelines course. It goes into greater depth on the various defect assessment methodologies and provides participants with hands-on practical experience performing calculations based on them.

RDVI™ Services in the Middle East

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