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The Signal

How many thickness readings can Signal FFS handle in a single metal loss assessment?
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Thousands! You can copy and paste several hundred rows and columns of thickness readings to use in the assessment.

February 2014

Did you know?
A local metal loss assessment in Signal FFS is made easy with three options to define the corrosion.

In a fitness-for-service assessment, the output is highly dependent on the input; the better the quality of the input data, the better the result. A key input in a local metal loss assessment is the profile of the corrosion. Inspection options, techniques and quality vary depending on the application. In order to serve as many inspection data types as possible, Signal FFS contains three types of corrosion data input options. The calculations are adjusted to incorporate an appropriate amount of conservatism for each of the inspection data types entered. That way, the assessment can make the most out of detailed data and incorporate some factor of safety in less detailed data.

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