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For which three component types were the original API-579 Fitness-for-Service procedures written?
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Quiz Answer: Pressure vessels, pipes, storage tanks.

August 2013

Did you know?
Signal Fitness-For-Service can run more than just the basic fitness-for-service assessment.

Most pressure vessels, piping systems and at least portions of tanks are subject to more than just the design pressure load. Vertical pressure vessels could be subject to wind and earthquake loads, and horizontal vessels and piping systems are subject to bending loads near supports. Those stresses are crucial to assessing the actual condition of a component, and all of these loads can be explicitly applied or inferred within Signal FFS. Activating the supplemental loads and forces option triggers a set of calculations that include the additional thickness required to support the loads. Signal FFS calculates the combined required thickness to support the combined pressure and supplemental loading in the presence of a defect.

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