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The Signal

What is the minimum thickness requirement in API 579/ASME FFS-1 for general and local metal loss assessments?
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0.1 inches or 2.5mm remaining wall thickness

August 2014

Case Study:  Computing Level 2 FFS for Corrosion in 
                         Process Piping

Corrosion was discovered on a section of process piping during a recent in-line inspection. The inspection yielded detailed thickness readings along a lengthy segment of piping, and uncovered several small regions of localized corrosion. Copying the digital ILI data into Signal FFS using the Rectangular Thickness Grid allowed the quick completion of a fitness-for-service assessment of each region of corrosion. The assessment revealed several small areas of corrosion too severe to meet Level 2 Fitness-for-Service criteria; therefore, the planned replacement of the segment of piping was expedited to prevent a failure.

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