Pressure Vessels

Our assessments support remediation decisions about problematic in-service vessels (continue operation without modifications, monitor, re-rate, repair or replace).


Our people are our most important asset. Our success as a technology innovator and premium service provider is built upon the collective experience, knowledge and expertise of our highly talented teams.


The application of FEACrack in the design process of the next generation of NASA space launchers is allowing us to perform 3-dimensional fracture analysis in a more efficient way.

IR Temperature Correction – CorrectIR™

IR thermometry has been used for 30 years to monitor tube metal temperatures in industrial furnaces. It has proven to be an excellent diagnostic tool for detecting tube hot spots from internal fouling, catalyst failure and heat distribution non-uniformity.

Signal™ Fitness-for-Service

Signal Fitness-For-Service (FFS) is an easy to use software tool developed by experts for performing fitness-for-service and fracture mechanics analyses on fixed and rotating equipment.

Asset Integrity Management

For over 25 years, we have assisted the refining, power and syngas industries in achieving reliability and availability targets and preventing unplanned downtime.