Fired Heater Health Monitoring and Reliability Management PDF

Discover why the reliable operation of fired heaters is crucial to the successful performance of any facility.

In-Line Automated Inspections Now Achievable on Reactor Coils & Common Headers PDF

Learn how FTIS in-line inspection technology, in conjunction with the custom-built header delivery system, HDS, provides invaluable insights into the overall condition of reactor coils and circular headers that were previously unobtainable by any other inspection means.

Heater Tube Cleaning and Verification: The Effect of Fouling on Heater Services That Are Prone to Coking From a Process Engineer’s Perspective PDF

New smart pigging technology is now available that offers extensive insights on fouling that is useful for a process engineer as they optimize the plant.

Achieving a Comprehensive Fired Heater Health Monitoring Program PDF

With an effective IR thermometry health monitoring program, operators can manage the mechanical integrity of fired heaters and optimize production rates.

Art to Science: Changing Infrared 180 Degrees PDF

We now have the ability to get repeatable, accurate and reliable infrared temperatures for fired heaters. Not only that but these values can be obtained by any trained infrared thermographer utilizing any fired heater applicable instrument.

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