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Structural and Mechanical Integrity Consulting

Quest Integrity has extensive experience in solving plant equipment integrity problems by combining extensive practical understanding of plant operation with the use of highly advanced models to simulate structural and material behavior. The expertise stretches across process and syngas plants, as well as hydro, geothermal, fossil plants, pipelines, and more. 

Service Highlights

Explore the features of Structural and Mechanical Integrity Consulting

  • Storage Tank Solutions Quest Integrity utilizes years of practical experience with advanced finite element stress analysis and Fitness-for-Service methods to provide a complete set of storage tank integrity solutions. This includes hydro test exemption, floor settlement analysis, repair compliance analysis and fatigue and crack growth analysis performed in accordance with API 653 and API 579. 
  • Pipeline Dent Assessment

    The probability of failure from pipeline dents can be accurately evaluated using an advanced strain dent calculator and subsequent dent assessment. Based on ultrasonic pipe scans, the assessment procedure can identify not only the exact location, size and depth of individual dents, but also the severity of indentation.

    Evaluation of the failure mode such as cracking by cyclic fatigue or collapse due to excessive strains is also performed. The outcome of the dent assessment assists to determine the necessity of repair.

  • 3D Laser Scanning

    3D laser scanning solutions produce 3D modelling of complex or damaged asset components. 3D models can be imported into either our Signal™ FFS software for efficient and rapid Level 2 corrosion assessments, or into our finite element analysis software (FEACrack™) for detailed analysis.

    This service enables fast and accurate reconstruction of components and associated damage mechanisms, which is particularly helpful where detailed drawings are not available. Laser scanning is a safe and non-destructive method that is easily deployed in the power, refining and oil and gas industries.

  • Turbine Assessment

    Quest Integrity provides consultancy to operators of turbo machinery (gas, steam and geothermal turbines), in both power and oil and gas sectors, from large heavy industrial turbines to smaller aero-derivative gas turbine units. 

    Our services include root cause analysis and failure investigation, condition assessment, life assessment, life management of parts, advanced inspection and litigation support.  We provide support independent of the OEM, and administer impartial counsel on OEM recommendations.

  • Hydro Power Expertise Quest Integrity offers 30+ years of expertise in the hydro power industry, conducting major failure investigations as well as predictive integrity assessments of pen stock, runners, inlet valves and head covers. Predictive integrity assists operators in the development of acceptable defect sizes prior to scheduled turnarounds to avoid delays in identifying and managing defects. 
  • Mechanics Simulation Fracture mechanics simulation is comprised of advanced, robust modeling of complex cracking problems. This approach removes many of the simplistic assumptions that are typical of standard fracture mechanics assessments.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Computational fluid dynamics deals with the numerical simulation of fluid flow and heat transfer. Quest Integrity has applied this technology to model turbine blades, heat exchangers, boilers and other types of equipment that exhibit complex flow patterns.
  • High Temperature Testing
    Quest Integrity has the largest creep testing facility in the southern hemisphere, and offers decades of high temperature material and metallurgical expertise. Combining the outcome from creep testing with advanced creep relaxation computational mechanics, the damage for high temperature components can be calculated to determine an accurate remaining creep life of components. 
  • LifeQuest™ HEP

    LifeQuest™ HEP is a comprehensive approach to life management of high energy piping systems.  It incorporates detailed 3D finite element analysis, the Omega creep law, remnant life estimates, piping hanger survey results, results of past inspections and detail of known defects.

    The main deliverable is a risk-ranking of all girth and seam welds in the piping system to allow operators to focus inspection on high-risk welds at specific locations around the circumference of the piping.

  • Advanced FEA Using computational mechanics and advanced finite element analysis,it is possible to simulate highly complex loading condition and material behavior. Quest Integrity’s industry expertise includes weld simulation, effectiveness of post weld heat treatment and creep relaxation behavior that might occur in equipment that is operated at elevated temperature. 
  • 24/7 Turnaround Support With Fitness-for-Service experts in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, Quest Integrity is suited to support plant shutdowns 24/7. Defects discovered during turnarounds with the potential to cause costly delays can be expedited due to Quest Integrity’s global engineering presence. Consistencies in engineering procedures the critical assessments enable the accurate and efficient delivery of Fitness-for-Service results. 
  • Advanced Training Courses Our technical experts host frequent training courses around the world to assist in the assessment of critical assets to determine condition and extend asset life. 

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