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Quest Integrity invests heavily in our NDT technology to capture higher quality, repeatable data with increased, typically 100% coverage. Our corresponding investment in engineering assessment technology has enabled us to take full advantage of the comprehensive data gathered by these inspection tools. The resulting advantage for our clients is clear, actionable information to confidently guide your operating and asset management decisions.

We apply decades of learning with these technology platforms in rugged energy sector environments while leveraging our own and affiliates’ R&D of advanced NDT techniques for applications outside the energy sector such as aerospace / military aviation. Although these industries are dramatically different, the implications for integrity or reliability failures are often equally severe. This cross-fertilization of NDT ideas enhances our ability to deliver effective solutions from "outside the box” of  convention.


Ultrasonic in-line inspection technology (InVistaTM) and advanced engineering assessment for unpiggable and difficult-to-inspect pipelines


Ultrasonic inspection technology (FTIS™) and advanced engineering assessment capabilities for fired heater tubes


Comprehensive process and plant piping inspection systems and advanced engineering assessment capabilities


Proprietary inspection technologies and engineering assessment capabilities to ensure steam reformer integrity


Restrictive area NDT inspection technique that delivers concise visual data on asset and plant health


Proprietary inspection systems enabling comprehensive inspection of carburization damage in ethylene pyrolysis tubes


Advanced ultrasonic inspection services for the power, petrochemical and refining industries


Resources that provide detail information related to our services and technology



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