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Corrosion Consulting Services

Quest Integrity offers a comprehensive package of consultancy and project support services with the capability of performing industry focused research and development contracts. We have more than 20 years of industrial experience and research in materials degradation, high temperature and severely corrosive environments.

Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion

Our expertise in microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) and related fouling processes includes skills and experience in materials and surface science, electrochemistry, corrosion and life assessment.


  • Identification of MIC using chemical, microbiological and optical methods
  • MIC prevention strategies (e.g. biocide selection and dosing regimes including compatibility with corrosion inhibitors)
  • Alloy selection for resistance to MIC
  • Biofouling control
  • Cleaning technologies and metal biological cleaning product interactions
  • Research and development (e.g. new prevention methodologies for MIC)

To learn more about our MIC Services, please contact us.

Optimized Inspection of Assets Affected by Pitting Corrosion

In many situations, it is not possible or practical to inspect the entire surface area of given assets, such as a pipeline or a heat exchanger. Where the mode of damage is pitting corrosion, Quest Integrity provides a range of services to obtain required information for confident life prediction.

Using extreme value statistical methods, our experts calculate the expected depth of the deepest pit based on inspection results from only a small fraction of the surface area. The extent of inspection required depends on the severity and quantity of the pitting damage. In cases where there is excessive or little to no pitting, inspecting 10% of the total area is often sufficient.  In cases that are indistinct, we use sequential decision theory to implement inspection test plans based on the degree of risk associated with each case.

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