Quest Integrity helps companies achieve their environmental, social and governance objectives while keeping sustainability, diversity, safety and compliance at the heart of our own mission.

For over 20 years, Quest Integrity has led the industry in developing advanced asset integrity management technology. But that’s not the only area we’ve innovated in. Since our founding, a focus on environmental, social and governance initiatives — what is now called ESG — has been core to our company values and operating strategy.


We at Quest recognize the critical role we play in protecting human life and the environment. Our solutions ensure the safe, efficient operation of assets while enabling the reduction of harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Every project is engineered to promote resource conservation and reduce waste.


Quest Integrity is a global company made up of talented, hardworking individuals from all walks of life. We view a diverse workforce as critical to our continued success and also believe in providing our employees with competitive wages, a comprehensive set of benefits and regular career growth opportunities.


Through use of our industry-leading technology, Quest Integrity ensures all company-led projects and customer-operated solutions comply with all applicable laws and regulations. In addition, all Quest activity is measured against stringent internal benchmarks for health, safety and environmental management.

Building for the Future

Our work is not done just because we’ve reached the goals of today. The future holds cleaner, safer net-zero technology that can safeguard both the environment and those who live in it. Advances in connectivity and the further miniaturization of systems will also provide newer, better ways to maintain, optimize, document and report on operations. It’s our mission to lead in the development and adoption of these innovations and to continue pushing the industry forward.

Quest Integrity is now part of Baker Hughes.


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