Enabling the management, assessment, and extension of infrastructure asset lifecycles.

Across all the sectors that keep the world running, Quest Integrity provides solutions to help protect and sustain critical infrastructure assets. Put our industry-leading technology and talent to work for your business — get started today.



Performance reliability for critical feed stock and cooling pipeline through InVista™ in-line inspections and fitness-for-service reporting.


Inspection and assessment of concrete-encased nuclear piping arrays to maintain safe and reliable operations of challenging-to-inspect assets.

Public Utilities

Ensure continued delivery of essential services through robust integrity management programs.


InVista™ inspections of fueling hydrants and lateral pipe systems complete with fitness-for-service life extensions to address systematic asset replacements.

District Heating

Direct repair and replacement budgets for steam and hot water heating assets in the most effective way possible using advanced inspection methods such as InVista™.

Inspection Services

Quest Integrity invests heavily in its NDT technologies to capture higher quality, repeatable data with industry-leading flaw detection coverage and capabilities. Our corresponding investment in engineering assessment technology has enabled us to take full advantage of the comprehensive data gathered by these inspection tools. The resulting advantage for our clients is clear, actionable information to confidently guide your operating and asset management decisions.

Union Carbide

"We were extremely satisfied with the Quest Integrity crew's performance during our recent boiler tube inspection. The LOTIS® data was very user friendly which made our job easier as decision makers. We will continue to use your services during our power plant outages."

— Rick Gomez, Maintenance Manager


“Prior to deciding to use LOTIS® recently at our plant, both IRIS and RFEC were also considered. We elected to hire the LOTIS® services because of the resolution and high degree of accuracy. The inspection data results were easy to understand which made our job easier as plant engineers. Thanks for working so close with us on this initial project."

— Bob Courtney, Corrosion Engineer

Verve Energy

"We are happy with the gas turbine condition and life assessment support that Quest Integrity provides to us. It is helping us to develop maintenance strategies that will enable us to maximize the value that we extract from our high cost hot gas path components"

— Shane Reffold, Senior Asset Management Analyst


"When the Quest Integrity crew arrived on site they were exceptionally helpful, thorough and accommodating. The testing technique was explained in detail. I was very happy with the response to my request. The service saved our company a large amount of money. Your company will be the first contacted if we have additional problems in the future."

— Rennie Leach, Plant Engineer

Quest Integrity is now part of Baker Hughes.


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