Cleaning, Inspection and Assessment of Steam Reformer Convection Coils Now Possible PDF

Quest Integrity's heater optimization solution provided this plant with a highly effective approach to optimizing the performance and reliability of its PNG Preheater coils, minimizing downtime and maximizing production and furnace profitability.

Cleaning and Inspection of Steam Cracking Furnace Convection Coils Now Possible PDF

Periodic in-line inspection is a sensible strategy for managing the long-term condition of steam cracking furnace convection sections. Applying Quest Integrity’s Header Delivery System on furnaces that were previously deemed as un-inspectable with smart pigging technology has opened up the opportu

Nuclear Power Plant Buried and Underground Piping Systems PDF

Discover Quest Integrity's integrated solution set addressing the industry initiative on buried piping integrity and the guideline for the management of underground piping and tank integrity (NEI 09-14).

Advancements in Pigging Valve and Ultrasonic Tool Technologies Allow for In-Line Inspections of Formerly Unpiggable Lines PDF

The combination of pigging valves and ILI technology significantly expands the reach of maintenance and internal integrity programs beyond the reach of what either technology could achieve alone.

Asset Integrity Management and Fitness-for-Service Assessment of a Pipe Elbow With Metal Loss PDF

The objective of this paper is to describe the inspection process and examine a piping elbow found to have metal loss within the context of Asset Integrity Management (AIM). During the last five years, Industry 4.0 technology involving mobile tablet and cl oud technology has merged with the proven c


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Quest Integrity To Join the Baker Hughes Family

Baker Hughes has reached an agreement to acquire Quest Integrity, further bolstering the company’s portfolio of asset integrity solutions.


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