Integrity Optimization

Reliable asset integrity is about understanding the factors that impact fired heater tube integrity management.

Integrity Optimization offers a long-term solution to monitor asset performance and reliability and utilizes comprehensive inspection data and revolutionary cleaning solutions to evaluate risk, fitness-for-service, and remaining life of critical components.


Learn why you should consider using Quest Integrity’s Heater Integrity Optimization Service.

Integrity Optimization establishes the essential elements to operate and maintain all furnaces within a refinery using best practices that minimize risk and the amount of maintenance and inspection shutdown work while maximizing performance.

Advanced Decoking and Cleanliness Verification

A progressive and rapid approach to removing internal fouling, reducing cleaning time, and avoiding potential damage from aggressive over-cleaning.

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Furnace Tube Inspection System (FTIS™)

Ultrasonic inspection technology to inspect the most challenging fired heaters, increasing heater reliability and minimizing unplanned downtime.

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Fitness-for-Service and Remaining Life

A multi-disciplinary approach to evaluate structural components and determine if they are fit for continued service.

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