Inspection Services

Quest Integrity invests heavily its our NDT technology to capture higher quality, repeatable data with increased, typically 100% coverage.

The resulting advantage for our clients is clear, actionable information to confidently guide your operating and asset management decisions.


InVista® In-Line Inspection Technology

Comprehensive inspection solutions using intelligent pigging technology and advanced engineering assessment capabilities.

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Furnace Tube Inspection System (FTIS®)

Ultrasonic inspection technology (FTIS®) and advanced engineering assessment capabilities for fired heater, furnace and steam generator tubes.

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Advanced Decoking and Cleanliness Verification (ADCV)

Prior to in-line inspection, ensure the cleanliness of furnace heater tubes with Quest’s cutting edge approach to decoking and cleanliness verification.

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Pipeline Inspection Project Support

Complete solution designed to help companies meet the complexities involved in pipeline inspection projects.

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QWIX™ Well Integrity

The QWIX ultra-sonic well casing examination tool detects and quantifies corrosion while delivering ultrahigh-fidelity readings. Visit us to learn more.

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InVista® Marine

The InVista® ultrasonic in-line inspection bi-directional tool provides unmatched data accuracy, operational efficiency, and navigational capabilities.

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Process and Plant Piping Inspections

Comprehensive process and plant piping inspection systems and advanced engineering assessment capabilities

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Quest Integrity is now part of Baker Hughes.


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