Pipeline integrity solutions powered by the industry’s most advanced technology.

At Quest Integrity, we take a tech-driven approach to solving asset integrity challenges. It’s how we’ve left our mark in the area of pipeline management, where our InVista™ technology enables inspection of extremely challenging pipelines to help deliver increased uptime and improved production at lower costs.



Secure the integrity of early-stage production pipelines to keep the rest of the process on track. Initial exploration, drilling, and extraction efforts have been accomplished to pioneer the production process. Knowledge and management of the early-stage infrastructure and piping networks are vital to the distribution of energy products.


Identify, diagnose and address potential integrity concerns in midstream pipelines and all of their associated offshoots, such as gathering lines, complex storage facility piping, delivery laterals, pump station suction and discharge lines, that could threaten any part of your total network. Maintaining the safety and efficiency of energy transportation infrastructure is crucial to meeting the demand and protecting the public.


Ensure the safe delivery of product through the relentless pursuit of downstream pipeline integrity. The unprecedented navigational capability of Quest’s InVista™ technology means atypically designed pipelines are as inspectable as conventional pipelines. The self-contained InVista™ inspection system was designed with innovative features to navigate and evaluate your most challenging pipeline applications, thus eliminating needless modifications or elaborate pigging facilities.

Inspection Services

Quest Integrity invests heavily in its NDT technologies to capture higher quality, repeatable data with industry-leading flaw detection coverage and capabilities. Our corresponding investment in engineering assessment technology has enabled us to take full advantage of the comprehensive data gathered by these inspection tools. The resulting advantage for our clients is clear, actionable information to confidently guide your operating and asset management decisions.

Quest Integrity is now part of Baker Hughes.


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