Gas Storage (Caverns)

Maintain the integrity of your subterranean storage locations.

Prevent loss of containment through the testing and maintenance of casings and transmission pipes. Learn how Quest Integrity technology ensures safety and compliance in underground gas storage caverns.


Casing and Production Tubing

Recent failures have been caused by localized pitting corrosion leading to rupture.  Traditional logging technology is challenged to detect and quantify this type of damage, but Quest’s high-fidelity ultrasonic inspection tools are specifically designed to target this type of failure mechanism. Ensure the integrity of subterranean storage risers using Quest’s advanced QWIX™ inspection technology.

Facility Pipelines

Guard against loss of containment in gas transport through integrity validation (InVista™), fitness-for-service, regulatory compliance and engineering services. Quest Project Managers are experts at capturing complete integrity data while minimizing outage time.

Inspection Services

Quest Integrity invests heavily in its NDT technologies to capture higher quality, repeatable data with industry-leading flaw detection coverage and capabilities. Our corresponding investment in engineering assessment technology has enabled us to take full advantage of the comprehensive data gathered by these inspection tools. The resulting advantage for our clients is clear, actionable information to confidently guide your operating and asset management decisions.

Quest Integrity is now part of Baker Hughes.


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