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Risk-Based Inspection

Effective inspection activities and resources should be optimized to focus on high-risk assets, as these assets have the potential to cause unplanned shutdowns and severe disruption to plant operations. The priority treatment of high-risk assets must be balanced with providing sufficient inspection and mitigating actions for other lower-risk equipment as well, to avoid the emergence or growth of problems over time.

Risk-based inspection (RBI) begins with identification of high-risk assets followed by assessment of equipment condition, evaluation of inspection strategies, study of operating protocols and estimation of life consumption of priority assets. This process takes into account the combination of likelihood and consequence of mechanical failure. This information is then used to modify and optimize inspection plans, strategies, audit procedures, operating limits and safety information.

Our solutions include the following components:

  • Asset Integrity Solution Design, Implementation, and Management
  • Asset Life Cycle Strategy Development and Optimization
  • Data Integrity Management
  • Shutdown Inspection and Fitness-for-Service Management
  • Asset Integrity Program Evergreening to include RBI and Mechanical Integrity
  • Experienced Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Quest Integrity is a global leader in the development and delivery of asset integrity and reliability management services. These services, many of which are described above, primarily focus on providing turnkey implementation and engineering services to support and maintain a facility or enterprise asset integrity management program.


Asset Integrity Management Software Solutions – Visions Enterprise®

Quest Integrity has partnered with Metegrity Inc., to provide a dynamic software solution for asset integrity management. As a leader in sophisticated mechanical integrity software platforms, Metegrity is well known as a technological pioneer of risk mitigation software tools.

Designed around user-driven feedback collected over the past 20+ years, the Visions Enterprise software is geared toward process industries and asset intensive companies supporting fixed and rotating equipment, as well as offshore structures and pipelines. It is a complete, out of the box software system with plug and play connectivity between modules enabling rapid implementation. This allows you to automatically and easily configure the software according to your unique industry needs.


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