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IR Temperature Correction Software – CorrectIR™

CorrectIR software performs correction calculations to remove common errors from infrared thermometry tube temperature measurements taken with pyrometers or thermal imaging cameras. By utilizing a mathematical model directly tied to the actual furnace geometry, the corrected temperatures are more accurate than conventional infrared measurements.

The proven methodology is repeatable and less dependent upon technician interpretation of the thermal images. The corrected temperatures may be used to validate operation within integrity operating windows, manage tube reliability and assess failure risk. CorrectIR uses a database structure to store and statistically compare the measurements with future infrared measurements.

Infrared Temperature Correction Software Features

  • Utilizes unique geometry for each furnace application in the correction calculations
  • Calculates an effective background temperature for each tube location analyzed
  • Assigns a probability range to each corrected temperature value
  • Corrects for common measurement errors:
    • Tube emissivity
    • Reflection errors from background objects
    • Atmospheric (flue gas) absorption and emission error
    • Instrument calibration and size of source effect errors

CorrectIR Benefits

  • Avoid catastrophic failures by managing hot tubes before they reach a critical state
  • Prevent unplanned outages and lost production time
  • Optimize online production, extend run times
  • Manage integrity proactively and make informed decisions concerning the scope, timing and coordination of maintenance
  • Assess tube remaining life accurately
  • Build an operating record that is based upon accurate and repeatable temperature measurements


  • Fired Heaters
  • Reformers 

Industries served:

  • Refining
  • Chemical
  • Syngas
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