Quest Integrity at the 2nd Asset Integrity & process safety conference & Exhibition - BOOTH 10

23 - 25 April 2024
King Abdullah Cultural Center, Jubail, Kindgdom of Saudi Arabia

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Transforming steam cracking and steam reformer convection coil furnace performance and reliability.


Steam Reformers, Ethylene Crackers, and Process Gas Heaters typically have no inspection and integrity information available on the convection coils. This limitation has led to many unexpected tube failures, resulting in costly disruptions to plant operations. There is an apparent demand for a cost-effective solution to improve convection coil reliability and performance within the refining and petrochemical space.

Quest Integrity and Advanced Inspection Services (AIS) are delighted to announce our participation at the 

2nd Asset Integrity & Process Safety Conference and Exhibition

which will be held 24-25 April 2024 at the King Abdullah Cultural Center, Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Stop by booth # 10 

to learn more about Quest Integrity’s fully Integrated Integrity Optimization solution.

Quest’s full integrated Integrity Optimization Solution provides an in-house and turnkey solution to collect the necessary information and provide dedicated expertise to optimize the performance and reliability of convection section coils through:

Header Delivery Systems (HDS)

Adaptive cleaning and inspection header delivery systems (HDS)

Advanced Descaling & Cleanliness Verification (ADCV) Technology

Ensures clean convection coils, enabling desired throughput, optimum operation, and asset availability.

Furnace Tube Inspection System (FTIS®) smart ILI technology

A complete High-resolution in-line inspection providing a complete tube condition assessment with the industry's best resolution and inspection specifications.

Engineering & Life Assessments

Fitness-for-Service (FFS) and life assessment ensure coil integrity during the next operating period and help to establish future maintenance plans.

Helping operators to:

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