Development of a New EPRI Elastic-Plastic Fracture Mechanics Handbook PDF

Read about our EPRI-funded project to develop a new J-integral solution handbook featuring writers from Quest Integrity, TL Consulting, Independent Consultant and Integral Engineering.

Pipeline Stacked Crack Interaction Burst Pressure Analysis PDF

Discover the joined force between Enbridge and Quest Integrity to address stacked cracks in pipelines.

Mechanical Decoking of Furnaces the Right Way PDF

Learn how Quest Integrity performed an Advanced Decoking and Cleanliness Verification (ADCV™) on a 4-pass vacuum furnace.

Fired Heater Reliability and Asset Integrity Solutions PDF

Learn how advanced ultrasonic inspection technology, FTIS™, quickly and accurately inspects the entire piping coil, collecting data in both the convection and radiant sections.

Fired Heater Health Monitoring and Reliability Management PDF

Discover why the reliable operation of fired heaters is crucial to the successful performance of any facility.

Quest Integrity is now part of Baker Hughes.


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