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Using In-Line Inspection to Find Corrosion Under Insulation.

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is a type of corrosion that occurs beneath insulation on pipes and vessels due to water and condensation. It can cause various problems, from loss of productivity to devastating accidents. Detecting CUI can be challenging as it requires high-quality inspection data to get the complete integrity scope. For instance, pipeline corrosion occurs as an electrochemical reaction that leads to different forms of corrosion, such as pitting, uniform, galvanic, and crevice, making them both localized and general. Some high-risk areas include pipe-support contact areas, welded features, low points, soil/air interfaces, and damaged insulation. Certain designs and types of insulation are also considered to be at a higher risk. Detecting CUI is often tricky, as many pipelines were constructed without considering accessibility for inspection. Historically, these pipelines have been inspected using external techniques that may only provide a partial dataset or no data at all. The following article, published by Geert Bontekeo, Service Line Manager at InVista and PIMS at Quest Integrity, discusses the benefits of an In-line Inspection and the need to choose the right tool.

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